Asked Questions

General Questions

I am a landlord.  What is the best way to use

The best way to use is to Sign Up for a "Landlord" account and once logged in, invite your applicant to apply using the Applicant Invitation form.  After the applicant applies, pays for and reviews their report, they can "Share" the report with you.  You will receive an invitation to view the report.  Note that your user account remains active and can be used to screen additional applicants - for one year or 90 days since it was last used - whichever is less.

I am an applicant.  Can I order a report on myself - without an invitation from a landlord?

Yes.  Simply Sign Up and order the desired report.  One advantage of doing so is that it equips you to discuss your information with the landlord up front - determine whether you qualify under their criteria before parting with an additional application or screening fee.  If you later decide to provide a copy of your report to the landlord, we recommend you do so via's secure site - for your protection and to assure the landlord regarding the authenticity of the report.

I am an applicant.  How do tenant screening reports impact my credit score? inquiries are "soft inquiries" and do not impact your credit score.

I am an applicant.  What does it cost to provide a copy of my report to a landlord?

There is no cost - beyond cost of the report.

I am an applicant.  How do I pay for my report? accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit and debit cards. Registered pre-paid cards are also accepted.

I am a landlord.  How do I get set up to access screening reports from

Ask your applicant to log in and "Share" their report with you.  You will receive an email with a link.  Click on the link.  Log in or create an account with  Once you confirm your identity and permissible purpose you are granted direct access to any "Shared" reports.  The process only takes a few minutes and there is no cost to you.

I am a landlord. How do I know that the report presented by the applicant has not been modified?

Ask your applicant to "Share" their report via Once you confirm your identity and permissible purpose you are granted direct access to "Shared" reports via our secure site - leaving no doubt as to the authenticity of the report.

I am a landlord. How do I know I can I trust reports? is a service of Moco, Incorporated ( Moco is a consumer reporting agency specializing in tenant and employee screening. We have been in business for over 20 years and are known for quality and service. is no different. Report quality is at least equal to and generally better than anything else out there. We take particular pride in the thoroughness of our public records work and verifications (rental & employment).

I am a landlord. Should I require applicants to complete and sign a traditional rental/employment application?

Yes. collects some but not all of the information you will need during and after tenancy. Well constructed rental and employment applications include data not returned, truncated or masked in the screening report - e.g. emergency contact information, full SSN's, dates of birth, etc.  A sample rental application is available under Resources on the Landlords page.

I am an applicant. I ordered the Basic report but a landlord that I am applying with wants a Comprehensive report. Am I required to order a new report or can you upgrade the original report and charge me the difference in cost?

If you have ordered your MyScreeningReport within the past 30 days and would like to upgrade from a Basic to a Comprehensive report, please email our customer service department at and we will do our best to assist you. Whether or not you may be required to pay for an entirely new report will depend upon the expiration of the originally ordered report.

About MyScreeningReports

I am an applicant.  What do I do if the landlord or employer questions the quality or authenticity of my tenant screening report?

Landlords must decide for themselves whether they will accept reports. If report quality is a concern, refer them to for assurance. is a product of Moco, Incorporated.  Moco has been in the tenant screening business since 1989, and is best known for the completeness, accuracy and legal compliance of its reports.  Simply stated, reports are at least equal to, and generally better than anything else on the market. Authenticity concerns are best addressed by "Sharing" (granting direct access) to your report via which guarantees that the report has not been modified.

I am an applicant.  How many landlords can I share my report with?

You may share your report via with as many landlords as you like for up to 30 days from the completion date.

Why is my report not instantly available?

It takes the attention and skill of a trained investigator to deliver the completeness and accuracy that our clients (landlords and applicants) deserve.  It takes the attention of a trained investigator to identify and search the additional names (AKA's) and addresses that account for approximately one third of valid hits.   It takes time and the attention of a trained investigator to confirm that records return are correctly associated with the subject of the report.

Still, Basic Reports are generally returned between 30 minutes to two working hours. Comprehensive reports (including rental references and employment verifications) are typically returned in one to three days.

Can I print reports?

Yes. Reports are opened in your Adobe Reader (or similar) and can be printed, saved, etc.

I am a landlord. Do reports include a credit score? reports include credit detail and a score. recommends basing criteria on credit detail as well as the score - since there are those with marginal credit scores (due to factors like medical collections, for example) who are excellent rental risks. See the Criteria Worksheet for assistance with your criteria.

What is a VantageScore 3.0 credit score?

VantageScore 3.0 credit score is a predictive, consistent credit risk score that provides lenders with a resource to make effective and consistent risk-management decisions. VantageScore 3.0 allows for 30 million more consumers to be scored in comparison to other scoring models. This model is based on a scoring range of 300 - 850; higher scores indicating a lower risk, lower scores indicating a higher risk. You can visit for a higher level of understanding of the VantageScore scoring model.

What reasons or factors are affecting my credit score?

VantageScore® 3.0 provides up to four reason/factor codes that indicate which predictive characteristics had the most negative influence to the score. Visit for a better understanding of what your reason codes mean.

How do I read a MyScreeningReport?

We have provided you with the How To Read a MyScreeningReport tool to assist both applicants and landlords should you have any questions regarding the screening report format.

I ordered a “Comprehensive” MyScreeningReport and the employment verification contains a statement about a third party service and suggests requiring paystubs and/or tax records but doesn’t provide anything further.

This statement indicates the applicant's employer uses a fee service to verify employment, such as The Work Number. At this time, we do not verify employment through these types of services as doing so would add substantially to the cost of our reports to consumers. We do recommend seeing proof of employment on-site in these cases, such as at least 2 consecutive paystubs and/or tax records.

I am an applicant.  Who do I contact if I disagree with information in my report?

If the information you wish to dispute is under the "CREDIT PROFILE" section of your MyScreeningReport, please follow this link for instructions on how to proceed. If you disagree with the information located under any of the following sections: Criminal record, National Sex Offender, Eviction, Terrorist, Residence Verification, Employment Verification - please contact We will reinvestigate the disputed content within 30 days as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


I am an applicant.  I just ordered my report, but I accidently input an error. What can I do to fix it?

The best way to correct an error is to submit a Support Request (see Contact Us).

I am not receiving email referrals or notifications. Why?

Server generated emails are occasionally blocked by junk email and spam filters. Assure receipt of emails by adding and as trusted domains in Outlook and as trusted web-sites in your browser. If you are using one of the popular browser-based email applications (gmail, Comcast, Yahoo, etc) - adding and as contacts may help.

I am trying to create an account and I keep getting a message that says you are unable to authenticate my account. What does this mean and how do I move past it?

Protecting your information is our first priority. We must first authenticate you - confirm that you are who you say you are - before preparing and delivering your tenant screening report. A failure to authenticate can occur for several reasons.

  • An inability to match on the name, SSN, and address information entered by you with your Experian credit profile; or
  • A failure to answer a sufficient number of security questions necessary to meet or exceed our requirements.

Address mismatches are most common, especially among those who move frequently. The credit bureau is dependent on creditors to supply current address information. If you have not received an offer of credit or applied for credit since you lived at your current address - the bureau (Experian in this case) likely has a previous address. Depending on how many times you tried, you may be locked out of the system for 24 hours or more. If not, or it has been 24+ hours - you may wish to try again using a previous address. Note that for added security, applicants are limited to a single browser session and three attempts. Accessing our program via simultaneous browser sessions (browser tabs) or failing to answer a sufficient number of questions correctly will return an authentication error and lock you out for 72 hours.

I am an applicant. I have sent an invitation to a landlord to view my report, but I have changed my mind. How do I revoke the invitation?

To revoke an invitation to share your report select the "Revoke Share" button located on your dashboard next to the shared report activity listing. Revoking the share will make it so your shared MyScreeningReport is no longer available in the Landlord account that it was shared with.