What is a
background check?

It is often assumed that the phrase "background check" refers exclusively to a criminal records or "rap sheet" search – the word "rap" is short for Record of Arrest and Prosecution. However, background checks (also referred to as screening reports) used for tenant and pre-employment screening purposes often include additional elements such as a credit profile, a comprehensive criminal and eviction search, and rental and employment verifications.

The process generally begins with the completion of a rental or employment application – wherein the applicant is asked to provide personal identifying information (such as name, date of birth and Social Security Number - used to conduct the various searches) and answer questions regarding previous residences, employment and public records (criminal and eviction) history. By signing the application, applicants are attesting to the accuracy of the information provided and, again generally, authorizing the landlord or employer to conduct a background check (required for employment screening purposes).

Who May Request A Background Check?

Typically, a screening request comes from a prospective employer or a landlord. However, a new generation of background checks – consumer-initiated background checks – works differently. This process is trigger by the applicant's (your) written instruction directly to the consumer reporting agency (background check company) – a company like MyScreeningReport.com®.

The consumer or applicant initiated background check includes the same elements as traditional (landlord or employer initiated) background checks - the information that landlords and employers generally evaluate before making a rental or hiring decision. However, you have an opportunity to review the report and dispute anything you feel is reported in error – before it impacts your search for housing or employment. Once satisfied you share the report with the landlord or employer as you wish and as appropriate.

MyScreeningReport.com® typically delivers comprehensive background check results within 48-72 hours – depending on the responsiveness of prior landlords and employers and whether or not additional research is required to assure accuracy. Basic screening results (credit and public records information) are often available within 1-3 working hours.

MyScreeningReport.com® background checks vary in price from $25.95 to $45.95, depending on content and purpose. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted.

Individuals may wish to request a comprehensive background report on themselves to check for errors or the possibility of identity theft, to prepare for an interview with an employer or volunteer organization, or prior to applying for rental housing. It pays to know if advance if there are problems.

MyScreeningReport.com® advises consumers to be wary of sites offering ®free® background checks and to provide sensitive or confidential information (name, address, date of birth, social security number, etc.) only via secure sites associated with reputable consumer reporting agencies.

Valid (US) SSN required for MyScreeningReport.com® applicant authentication.