With our unique applicant-initiated tenant
screening reports LANDLORDS will:
• Gain Access - to the best and most thorough
Tenant Screening Reports available!

• Reduce Cost - by eliminating annual fees,
third-party inspections and collection of screening fees!

• Expedite the Leasing Process - by reviewing the
screening report with the applicant up front to quickly determine if they qualify!

• Reduce Your Legal Exposure - by putting
the applicant (consumer) in control of their own information!
Ideal for Private Landlords. NO SIGN-UP required. Simply Refer Your
to MyScreeningReport.com.  Applicant orders, pays, and
receives their report which they can then share with you. It’s easy!

Tenant Screening

Reports Include:
Green checkmark icon Full Credit Report
Green checkmark icon Eviction Records Search
Green checkmark icon Criminal Records Search
Green checkmark icon Sex Offender Registry Search
Green checkmark icon Terrorist Database Search
Green checkmark icon Rental References (Optional)
Green checkmark icon Employment Verification (Optional)
I am a Landlord:
I am an Applicant:
I am an Employer:

Valid (US) SSN required for MyScreeningReport.com® applicant authentication.